Pallavi was brilliant, reassuring throughout whilst explaining everything in detail. Fully recommend for any physio requirements.

Kerri Oughton

I first came to Pallavi with a severe back spasm/stiffness that had been ongoing for 4-5 days with extreme difficulty in even sitting, standing, getting out of bed etc and NO relief at all with the painkillers/muscle relaxants medications…
She went through my history and did a detailed assessment…she started with some simple exercises while i was seated and just during the first session itself , I felt something loosen ( a muscle probably!) and ease some of my extreme stiffness immediately…She showed me some further basic exercises to continue at home for the next few days. On my next appointment I was able to drive myself to the clinic independently and continued further sessions with gradual inclusion of more exercises to do at home and now I am much much better.

Pallavi has been very professional and empathetic with my treatment and understanding my tolerance of pain. She has been fantastic and I have really seen significant improvement resulting from my sessions and from the extra exercises at home.

I have been very satisfied with my physio treatment. Pallavi has shown a genuine interest in helping me on the road to recovery and I couldn’t rate her more highly. Thank you so much!


Thank you so much for the physio. It has massively helped and allowed me to return back to on normal everyday tasks. Would highly recommend to anyone.

Many thanks
Christopher Poyntz

Personalised treatment. The physio explained the procedure in detail and provided follow up exercises to be done at home. Had hurt my ankle and she helped with pain relief and strengthening the joint. Would definitely recommend them.
Saket Bhalla

Great service. Treatment had long lasting help, would definitely recommend.
Manas Khare

Very professional service. Provided acupuncture treatment in conjunction with physio and felt a long lasting pain relief.
Manpreet Marwah

Very friendly, personalised treatment. Gave great relief for my back pain, and also provided home exercises.
Jaspreet Singh

Excellent service ; very clear and structured approach
Vijay N.


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